Green Ethics Training for Career Development

Environmental Ethics

It is evident that environmental problems are increasing rapidly day-by-day and human beings have been affected directly by those problems. The world is more crowded, more polluted, more urban, more biologically stressed, and warmer than ever before in recorded history. There are encouraging signs that people are becoming aware of their responsibilities towards the environment - for example, the rise in membership of conservation and environmental organisations, public awareness campaigns, environmental policies proposed by almost all political parties. However, environmental problems still exist. It is clear that to be an environmentalist might not be enough to protect the environment or to prevent environmental problems caused by current perceptions of nature and human–nature relations. Whatever they might profess, people do not transfer their environmental consciousness to their actions in daily life, and personal interests still outweigh the interests of the environment. This situation makes us question - is there “hypocrisy” or not? If there is an inconsistency between environmental attitudes and behaviours, this will create a greater problem. In such a situation the solution of environmental problems will be more difficult than expected.

It is necessary for people, especially for environmental decision makers and experts to harmonise and adopt ethical dimensions to the scientific, technological, economical, social and legal aspects of controlling environmental pollution to achieve real environmental protection.


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