Get Green objectives and outputs

Evaluation and valorization

This project is implemented under:

The GET-Green project valorises:

Vocational courses for ca. 25 people from each country for testing of the GET-Green products.

The GET-Green dissemination plan also involves:

The GET-Green target groups get:

The GET-Green target sectors get:

The GET-Green geographical targets are:

In the Long Run: The European Economy Gets Green

The GET-Green target groups in partner countries will:

The GET-Green target sectors will:

The impact on the GET-Green geographical areas:

The GET-Green Afterlife

The GET-Green partner and associated organisations will use the innovations and materials to improve the study and work environment in their countries and professional circles. The network of expertise in issues concerning environmental ethics will enable further cooperation.

The GET-Green platform will remain operational and accessible to participants for further communication and joint development.

The vocational education in ethical environmental management will be supported by the common European VET standard. The standard, innovations and shared practice in Europe will give new ideas and tools to develop national VET systems, especially with respect to studies and business sectors that lay the foundations of the European green economy.

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