Learning outcomme - Knowledge content

GET-Green project implements an innovative VET system for workplace basic skills with ecological sustainability awareness regarding the shift of EU labour market towards smart and green jobs. It improves the quality of training of VET professionals in Environmental Ethics through flexible, transferable innovative Learning Outcomes (LOs). According to EU recommendations each LO contains in an eligible and understandable way a piece of knowledge, skills and competences; it is constructed and organised in a way that allows to be putatively implemented in a certain overall qualification; and can be discretely assessed and validated.

The choice of using a LO-based approach in designing the b-learning model is coherent with what is done at a National and European level. Furthermore, this kind of approach introduces the fundamental factor of system integration and enhances the transparency and transferability of services offered by various VET systems in the sector. In this respect GET-Green innovative knowledge content is organised in Learning Outcomes, designed to provide a consistent and structured learning process and clear criteria for assessment. Applying several descriptive elements (the title, the LO summary, the corresponding ECVET points) charts presenting the structured knowledge content of the LOs are developed. The knowledge is presented as a number of learning units with a self-test element at the end of each LO. The content is simply designated, and is understandable for the labour market operators (teachers/trainers, employees, business people, social partners, etc). It fits the professional, methodical, personal and social competences to be gained by a learner upon defined period of training in the frame of the GET-Green project.

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