Green abilities

GET-Green target groups encompass VET teachers, trainers, tutors and VET institution managers and possess common abilities required for the project implementation. These common abilities concern knowledge and skills how to apply principles and methods of curriculum and training strategies; interpret human behavior and performance; individual differences in ability, learning and motivation; psychological research methods; determine training needs of students or workers; administer oral, written, or performance tests to measure progress and to evaluate training effectiveness; develop curricula and plan course content and methods of instructions.

To possess “green abilities” in wider context means to be able to occupy any new job in a defined sector of economic activity, which has a lower than average environmental sign and at least partly contributes to improving overall performance. The green abilities are invariable part of the ongoing EU process in transforming employment patterns and the labour market, and they contribute to socially sustainable development.

To accept and apply the green skills policy, introduced by the European Union and the strategy for enlargement the educational approaches for green abilities development in VET, it is important to develop convenient approaches, in correlation with the common economic background.

According to these European Recommendations, the GET-Green b-learning scheme has been created, containing description of green abilities for 11 target professions. The green abilities cover the:

The training is web-based and delivered on/off-line; it is easily accessed by trainees on spot, after registration. Thus the trainees are taken through a series of narrated Learning Paths (LPs) composed by LOs. The LPs are selected on the basis of complete work assignments, working processes, areas of work, fields of action or fields of competence, which are typical for a particular profession The LPs vary in size and content according to the chosen target profession green abilities and EQF reference level.

In order to validate and recognize Learning Outcomes, as a part of Learning Paths, achieved in GET-Green learning context, corresponding ECVET points are granted to the learner. The resultant ECVET points are allocated in accordance with the relative "value" of the learning outcome measured on the basis of the defined target profession. When selected LP is successfully completed a certificate is issued.

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