Target professions

Building of competence has become an important part of European educational strategy. To gain competence means one to be able to acquire knowledge, skills and wider competences in a define area of economic activity. To meet these requirements GET-Green project has created an innovative blended learning programme, organised in Learning Outcomes (LO). GET-Green LO(s) are the main descriptor of qualifications and are built up in terms of holistically defined green abilities including knowledge, skills and wider competence development.

These LOs are designed for professionals working in the area of environmental ethics having core education corresponding to EQF reference levels 5, 6 and 7. These reference levels are assessed and validated by ECVET credit points and their successful completion provide upturn in careers which are now recognised as a major need for European knowledge–based society progress.

GET-Green blended learning program fits the specific needs of education of VET professionals and is designed for 14 target professions. The professions chosen are the most relevant to the environmental ethics sector and the project targets: VET teachers, trainers, tutors and VET institutional managers. For each profession a description of the main job requirements in the form of task statements is provided in compliance with ISCO-08 and a direct link to the corresponding green abilities is offered.

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