Green abilities

Green abilities Professional level Learning Paths / ECVET
VET trainers - Ecologists
VET trainers - Biologists
Managing directors and chief executives
Sales, marketing and development managers
Manufacturing managers
Health service manager
Forestry production managers
Training and staff development professionals in the fields related to environment
Green abilities (knowledge, skills and competences)

  • To know main aspects of environmental issues in general

  • To be aware of climate change impacts now and in future under possible climate change scenarios, as well as main mitigation and adaptation strategies

  • To be aware of development of environmental awareness and approaches and main milestones througout history and to be able implement ethical dimension into their training activities

  • To be aware of corporate social responsibility an sustainability concepts

  • To be aware of current environmental initiatives at global and European such as Low-carbon society, Green economy, Green jobs

  • To know and to be able to explain all specific environmentally related knowledge relevant in their field of training and staff development

  • To perform their tasks in such a way that their (green) job has to be a sustainable job

EQF 7 LO 1 + Test questions LO 2 + Test questions LO 4 + Test questions LO 5 + Test questions

Vocational education teachers
Secondary education teachers
VET trainers - Electrical engineers
VET trainers - Environmental engineers
VET trainers - Mechanical engineers
VET trainers - Civil engineers

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