Project title

Green Ethics Training for Career Development



Project code

DE/13/LLP – LdV/TOI/147638

Project duration

Project duration: 24 months
Start date: October 1, 2013
End date: September 30, 2015

Green Ethics Training for Career Development (GET-Green) is an ambitious multilateral European project that supports initial and continuous training of vocational education and training (VET) facilitators – teachers, trainers, tutors and institutional managers.

The GET-Green launches an innovative system for VET professionals to improve their workplace basic skills by providing training in eco-sustainability. The main scientific field introduced into the VET programme by the GET-Green initiative is environmental ethics. The environmental awareness will help job seekers, employers, regulators and policy makers to participate in the shift of the EU labour market towards smarter and greener jobs for sustainable European economy.

The main targets of the GET-Green are VET professionals who need knowledge and experience in dealing with environmental ethical issues. Their qualification is upgraded through flexible, transferable learning system offered in Learning Pathways and shaped into Competence Profiles for building a new competence-based training system.

For fulfilling its objectives, the GET-Green initiative transfers another VET programme developed by the ENV-ETHICS project.

The GET-Green project addresses LLP-Leonardo da Vinci, Multilateral projects – ToI and complies with LdV EU priority LEO-TraInno-8. The rationale behind the project is rooted in the existing problem for lack of transparency of qualifications and appropriate measures for its assurance at (Inter)national level. Tackling the increased complexity of modern education, training and learning systems the project contributes to the promotion of the ethical aspects of environmental training programs to become a sustainable part of greening business and employability. This necessity for improvement of transparency and recognition of qualifications for green economy development is answered through development of learning outcome based training system. The main aim of the project is to implement the innovative VET system for workplace basic skills with ecological sustainability awareness regarding the shift of EU labour market towards smart and green jobs. The program foresees to improve the quality of training of VET professionals in Environmental Ethics through flexible, transferable innovative learning outcomes and design of learning pathways for shifting to competence-based training.

Its objectives comprise: transfer the Env-Ethics program using innovative approach based on EQF and ECVET principles; design of blended learning program; build up a broad multi-language learner-centered e-platform; set up a structural model based on the specific needs of education of VET professionals and arrangement of VET pathways; testing/valorisation of GET-Green outcomes. The GET-Green consortium is organized on the basis of different background of the partners. It includes 7 participants from 5 countries – BG, DE, IT, SK, TR and is composed of 2 Universities, 2 NGOs, R&D center, VET Center and a SME. The project consortium consists of members with wide experience in national/EU programs. It possesses the necessary capacity, expertise and competence for implementation of the proposal and successful achievement of its objectives.

The impact is grounded on the development of flexible basis for continuing education with quality enhancement in respect to the national VET requirements as well as on the introduction of system for teachers/trainers qualifications validation. Thus the GET-Green project will contribute for the partners’ national VET systems development in compliance to the EU standards and will raise the territory network formation.