We believe in mixtures: mixing people and cultures, mixing theatre with other arts.

ASTA was born at the beginning of the millennium, in Covilhã, a charming mountain city in the interior of Portugal. With a transdisciplinary vocation and the desire to contribute to the elevation of the communities with which the company interacts, ASTA keeps engaging through theatre creations (70 original creations, some internationally awarded), or festivals as contraDANÇA – Dance and Movement Festival, Ciclo de Teatro Univertário da Beira Interior [University Theatre Festival, co produced with TeatrUBI], Street Art Festival PortasdoSolRede Interior - performing arts network in the interior of Portugal, or ensinARTE - Theatre for Schools, and through the educational and research projects driven by the company.

With a growing international activity, ASTA has participated in several international festivals, as well as in several european projects, such as Tell Me (integration of refugees through theatre), TIM (Theater in Mathematics), RAPKOUR - youth integration through parkour), DEEP ACTS  (prevention of gender violence), Hi Story Telling (theatre as a tool to teach History) and ESCAPE (Encouraging the use of SCenic Arts in Prisoners' Education).

Since the beginning, ASTA aims for originality and difference, in a constant search for new methods and languages, whether reinventing classics or creating from an empty space.

Green E.Th.I.Cs will strengthen ASTA’s commitment to sustainability, which has always guided our activity and attitudes, whether through simple recycling of materials, clothes, furniture found in the trash, or promoting art workshops that transform garbage into art –Reciclarte.