Compagnia Il Melarancio


The Compagnia Il Melarancio is a private actor with public function. It generates processes of cultural and social innovation in a transparent, open and collaborative way.
It mainly carries out its activities within the Theater for Children, combining the techniques of puppet theater with those of the actor’s theater, creating shows and actions of great involvement that performs in Italy and abroad.
It articulates its activity in different forms:
• the production and performance of shows and plays
• the direction of theatrical workshops
• Education activities, with the organization of training courses for school teachers, cultural workers and professional educators
• the organization of events, cultural events, festivals and theater festivals.

The Compagnia Il Melarancio shares an idea of Theatre that is at the service of the community in order to respond to its needs, but also to encourage it to rediscover its own traditions and its cultural identities, making them grow in a very conscious way.
In line with its history, the Compagnia Il Melarancio operates in the area of cultural production with particular attention to artistic, educational, intercultural, environmental and educational issues, addressing the new generations and the communities, taking care to safeguard and protect its artistic identity, combining business creativity, great ability to change in relation to the economic and social environment with the promoting of practices of involvement and the designing of sustainable local development strategies.

The Compagnia Il Melarancio is:
• a cooperative made up of artists, operators and technicians who believe in the spread of Culture as a way to achieve the well-being of the single person and communities
• A reality that attempts, through Theatre and Art, to transmit in a playful way the taste for beauty, especially to the new generations and to make aware of the importance of the values of freedom, democracy, equality, brotherhood and solidarity.

In conclusion, the Compagnia Il Melarancio:
• pursues the care of relationships, respect for the environment, attention to collective well-being
• promotes talent development and the growth of divergent and creative thinking
• defends the right to work, the protection and safety of workers.



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