Omma Studio


Omma Studio was founded in 1996 in Athens. As an artistic private non profit association it presents indoor and street theatre performances, does site-specific projects, educational events, open discussions, workshops, exhibitions, has translated and published theatrical texts and generally organizes any kind of events that contribute to cultivation and empowerment of people.

With more than 80 different performances has travelled several times in international theatrical festivals and has been twice awarded (festival “Voices of History” Vologda, Russia / Fadjir Festival, Tehran, Iran). Since 2000 Omma Studio has moved from Athens to Crete, in Heraklion, because its members believe that artistic renaissance can happen starting from the Periphery.

In the last years, influenced by economical and political crisis in Greece, Omma started to get involved with community theater, using the craft of the artist in order to create connections and bridges.

The Greek Ministry of Culture, recognizing the good work, has funded several projects of Omma Studio (2017-2018, 2018-2019, 2020, 2021) and has included association’s community projects in the e-book, titled “Good practices in the field of culture for the benefit of local communities”.

The last four years Omma Studio:
- Has closed, in 2019, as partner, the large scale cooperation project of Creative Europe “CARAVAN NEXT. Feed the future: Art moving cities”.
- was partner in the small scale cooperation project of Creative Europe by the title "Dreams traces. Travellings, container".
-was partner in the community project “Care Stories. Walk to Nurture Care”, funded by the Culture for Solidarity program.
-Has participated in several Erasmus+ projects and in a project under the Europe For Citizens programme.

In 2020, Omma Studio has established in Greece a Center for Theatre Anthropology, the honourary president of which is Eugenio Barba (founder of ISTA).