Polo del ‘900


Polo del ‘900 is a cultural centre open to young people and new citizens that was born 2 years ago. It is co-projected and sustained by Compagnia di San Paolo bank foundation, the City of Turin and the Piedmont Region. It is constituted by 24 cultural institutes, whose mission is to spread the history of the 20th century through educational activities for schools and events open to citizens. Each partner provides richness of documental sources and plurality of experiences in the process of research and development.

The Principal Mission of Polo del ‘900 is to use the past to understand the present, by mixing the cultural heritage with the activities offered to citizens. History, recollection and citizenship are Polo del ‘900’s main focuses. In the attempt to seize those questions that civil society and young people ask themselves about values such as rights, freedom, democracy, inclusion and involvement, it had designed a diverse educational offer for schools and citizens.

Inside its quarters, in Turin, it is possible to find: a museum; a permanent exhibition; a library with two reading areas; a multi-purpose space for events and temporary exhibitions; educational areas; a children’s area; meeting rooms; an open cinema and a small cinema. It contains 3 hundred thousand monographs, twenty-eight thousand samples of audio-visual material and 1 hundred thirty thousand photographs. It also preserves, makes available for its audience and enhances the cultural heritage of the institutions partners thanks to digitalization of the archives, indeed it is possible to consult them on the digital platform 9centro and to create thematic channels on the funding topics of the history of the 20th century.