University of Crete


The Lab. of Distributed Multimedia Information Systems of the Technical University of Crete (TUC/MUSIC) was established in 1990. It is a center of research, development, and teaching in the areas of distributed information systems, information systems engineering, computer graphics, and simulation engineering.

TUC/MUSIC performs research in the areas of high-performance distributed multimedia architectures, information systems offering advanced functionalities, database systems, information retrieval systems, digital libraries, service-oriented architectures, and graphics systems. In the area of application engineering, TUC/MUSIC performs research on the topics of large distributed multimedia delivery networks for intelligent TV applications, semantic interoperability infrastructures, web and mobile-based application development methodologies, natural language processing, as well as standard-based software infrastructures for multimedia applications in areas such as e-learning, culture and tourism, business applications, TV Applications, and medicine. It also has extensive experience in usability aspects of modern applications, the design of intuitive and efficient graphical user interfaces both for the desktop and the web, and their evaluation following standard methodologies.

TUC/MUSIC has participated in over 50 EU projects and Excellence Networks. In recent years, the Lab participated in several Erasmus+ projects and Creative Europe projects providing digital infrastructure to support innovative pedagogical approaches. TUC/MUSIC has also developed a generic pervasive game platform (Rollick) that supports educational, cultural, and marketing-oriented games.