Teatr Brama


From its humble beginnings as a community theater group, over the years, Teatr Brama has grown to become one the largest independent theaters and arts-focused educational associations in Poland. The word “Brama” in Polish means gateway. In many senses Teatr Brama is a gateway to culture. Being in a small town in the periphery Teatr Brama opens culture to a broader public. Brama works with people of all ages and cultural backgrounds and Goleniow (where the theater is headquartered) is regularly visited by artists from all over Europe and the world, throughout the year.

In addition to a healthy audience that attends performances, concerts, events and festivals, Teatr Brama offers weekly workshop to groups in the local community. During workshops theater is used as an educational tool to increase communication skills, develop creativity, enhance empathy, and foster critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Working in the local community has helped Brama
to create a wide network of individuals who can be counted upon to participate in events, happenings, and performances either artistically or practically.

Teatr Brama has been an artistic presence in Poland since 1996 and is known and recognized throughout Europe and the world. To date, tens of thousands of people have taken place in the activities of the theatre, involving themselves in the development and promotion of independent theater, theatrical activities, and the arts education community.

Teatr Brama carries out its mission to revolutionize the relationship between audience and theater by utilizing performance to create a participatory meeting, not a spectator activity. The Teatr Brama ensemble are a diverse group dedicated to a common artistic goal realized by researching the heights and depths of emotion, recalling heritage, and reacting to the reality of life. As a cultural and educational association, Teatr Brama utilizes non-formal and informal educational methods to empower people to use art to improve their lives and their world.



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