In 1992, director Christoph Falke founded STUDIO 7 as an ensemble theater to develop and explore acting techniques and an own theatrical language, which the group conveys through performances and educational work. They also embrace the community of neighbours and supporters in their surroundings, creating meetings through events and performances. Christoph Falke published a magazine called Flamboyant, which includes the first German translation of Eugenio Barba's "Paper Canoe."

Since 2010, STUDIO 7 Theater has been active with a young generation of actors and has realised projects on the local, regional, and international level. In 2014, the supporting association "Theaterwerkstatt für aktive Kultur e.V." was founded, which is supported by a network of citizens who share the idea of theater as active culture.

The ensemble has since consisted of Christoph Falke and two actors, Ana Patricia Marioli and Simon von Oppeln-Bronikowski. They maintain a continuous practice, constantly questioning and renewing their own art.

Since 2015, the ensemble runs the cultural centre/cultural pub "Auf der Heide," where they produce a range of artistic and cultural offerings. The cultural pub provides a space for meetings, social evenings, concerts, workshops, lectures, parties, and many other events, while the theatre organises an artistically participatory program on-site, including courses, workshops, chamber theater, rehearsals, and special theater and art projects.

The goal is to create authentic connections and meetings through art, with a focus on artistic and human quality over quantity.