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Green Ethics Game will be an interactive performance, an online web platform game and a board game that will focus on climate change and sustainable attitudes in order to engage citizens of all ages to activate green attitudes in everyday life and become more aware of climate change.
The Green Ethics Game is based on the traditional board game of the Goose transformed into an interactive artistic format of audience engagement that uses performing arts to promote the audience’s critical thinking on crucial contemporary civic themes while engaging spectators in a live capacity building process. The contents of the Game / Performance are created in collaborations with citizens and artists for citizens and other communities of all Europe.



The LIVE performance will present artistic and scientific contents created by all the partners in collaboration with local communities of citizens and will be composed by a scenography of around 40 big squares with artistic contents related to climate change and civic engagement. Scientific contents will be made accessible using theatre and visual arts.
2 teams of spectators, 2 dices and the direct engagement of the spectators will allow audiences of all ages to fully enjoy an interactive performance that will stimulate critical thinking and cultural green engagement.
The LIVE performances will be presented in 12 countries hosting international artists from the partnership and will tour in 12o cities in all over Europe.



The BOARD versions will bring Green Ethics in more than 100 local territories in 12 countries of the European Union.
Around 30.000 people will be engaged in the game by playing its multimedia version thanks to a board, 2 dices and several qr code that will activate artistic contents such as videos, interactive quiz, animations and podcasts.

Autumn 2024 - Winter 2025: Launch of the BOARD Game.



The ONLINE version of the Green Ethics live Game will be available to all the communities interested in playing the game in its online version, in order to be part of the project from all over Europe and even more.
The ONLINE version will engage new local communities such as schools, cultural places and local associations or groups of citizens to add new contents and create their own online version of the game.

Winter 2025 Launch of the Online Games


A prototype capable of powering a stage to the maximum with a bicycle-powered co-generation system that provides for the collaboration of the public and awareness of eco-sustainability through an experience.

Management Team

Principal Investigator
Alessandro Pontremoli

Project Manager
Alberto Pagliarino

Methodological Supervisor and Project Director
Alessandra Rossi Ghiglione

Vice Project Manager
Maurizio Bertolini

Project Coordinator
Elena Cangemi

Sustanability Supervisor
Giulia Menegatti