Kick off meeting in Ayllón, Spain

The Residui Teatro organization as promoter of the project in Spain, with the intention of decentralizing cultural initiatives in rural communities and promoting collaboration and awareness in small inhabited centers, has decided to involve the Ayllón City Council to be the headquarters of this project innovative internationally. And thanks SOCIEDAD ESPAÑOLA DE ORNITOLOGIA SEO ES and IES RAFAEL ALBERTI (Coslada /Madrid) for having decided to be local partners of the project from its gestation phase.

Kick Off of Green Ethics in Turin: 3 days focused on participation and sustainability

From April 3 to April 5, we were in Turin as guests of the lead project partner SCT Centre|UniTo to discuss the progress of the project and the steps that will bring us to the realization of 110 live performances in public squares, 1,200 theatrical activities, and 50 workshops in ten European cities, involving around 45,000 citizens in a large Green Cultural Engagement project by 2026.

Green E.Th.I.Cs at the European Theater Forum in Opole

Opole, Poland - From April 11th to 13th, SCT Centre was invited as a speaker to present Green Ethics at the European Theatre Forum in Opole.

Third Edition of Tradition Transmission Transgression of the "Magdalena Project"

From September 5th to 11th, women from all over the world will share their creativity for the events organized by Residui Teatro titled: GREEN ART: Women, Earth, Healing. Residui Teatro is one of the partners of the European project Green E.Th.I.Cs.

Co-creation event with all artistic partners in Crete

The 11 artistic partners of Green Ethics traveled from their respective countries to gather in Crete, where they were welcomed by the host group, Omma Studio. 

GREEN E.Th.I.Cs is looking for young artists!

The GREEN E.Th.I.Cs project is looking for 18 young visual artists to create the visual identity of the GREEN E.Th.I.Cs GAME.

1st Green E.Th.I.Cs newsletter

The first newsletter of Green E.Th.I.Cs reached hundreds of people in 12 European countries and in different languages. 


The first premiere of Green E.Th.I.Cs

Health and Climate Change

One of the most noticeable impacts of climate change is the rise in allergies, particularly when the air becomes laden with pollen from blooming flowers and trees.

The existing food system is unsustainable

According to the World Food Program (WFP) in 2022 nearly 258 million people across 58 countries faced higher levels of food insecurity. And women continue to be an underutilized resource to improve this situation.

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Management Team

Principal Investigator
Alessandro Pontremoli

Project Manager
Alberto Pagliarino

Methodological Supervisor and Project Director
Alessandra Rossi Ghiglione

Vice Project Manager
Maurizio Bertolini

Project Coordinator
Elena Cangemi

Sustanability Supervisor
Giulia Menegatti